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StoryD6 - An Introduction

StoryD6 - An Introduction

Collaborative Storytelling In The World Of Ice And Fire

Created By: Kiel Adam

Game Type: Community Spotlight

Start Time:
August 15th, 7:30AM ET
End Time:
August 15th, 9:30AM ET

Welcome, storyteller, to StoryD6! A game about telling awesome character-driven stories -- together.

StoryD6 is designed to channel the experience of reading a book, watching a movie, or binging a TV series. You go in knowing very little about the characters, setting, and plot - and all three unfold alongside one another as the story moves along.

Part writer's room, part roleplaying game, all fun!

Join creator Kiel Adam and co-designer Josh Credaro, along with special guests Lloyd Collins and Nicolas Jacquet, as together they tell a story within the setting of A Song Of Ice And Fire.

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