By Absolute Tabletop
The Caldera of Lost Sins

The Caldera of Lost Sins


Created By: Connor

Game Type: Featured

Start Time:
August 14th, 4:00PM ET
End Time:
August 14th, 6:30PM ET

The salt-cracked haruspex looks down upon your bloody and beaten body.

“You have come far, wastes-wanderer. At last, you have reached the edge of the world.”

You see the sulfur in the sky, like the blood of a running wound.

“This is the monument to which all demon-pilgrims walk.”

The haruspex outstretches their desiccated arm, pointing to a deep crater in the distance. By single-file ranks, demons of all sorts walk, almost limping, and plummet themselves into the fiery depths of the crater.

“Seek out the Renouncers of Blood, and their sphinx matron. There, beyond the lands of the Angel-Who-Walks, your soul's damnation can be purged.”