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Harbinger: Raiders and Rivals

Harbinger: Raiders and Rivals

An Introductory Harbinger Adventure

Created By: Matt Click

Game Type: Featured

Start Time:
August 14th, 1:00PM ET
End Time:
August 14th, 3:30PM ET

The days are short here on Dagerad. Food's scarce and water's hard to come by. Still, this barren ball of sand and coral drifts far enough from Bastion's embrace to avoid the gaze of most septs, so folks flock here from all corners. We live free on Dagerad — but that comes with its own set of perils.

Whether it's the raiders or the beasts or the suns that get you, you'll find your death here on Dagerad, mark my words.

Join me for the ATCONLINE kickoff game! I'm running Harbinger v0.6, the new playtest set to release ahead of the con. Four players will take on the raiders of Dagerad in a race for a downed voidship — their ticket off this rock!

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