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Part and Parcel

Part and Parcel

A Chrome City One-Shot (Harbinger)

Created By: Jeremy Lilley

Game Type: Featured

Start Time:
August 14th, 7:00PM ET
End Time:
August 14th, 9:30PM ET

Liberation Day was a celebration, held by Sept Aldemont, of the day that this moon became more than a prison. Deep beneath the surface, an enormous deposit of orichalcum was discovered, and transformed this penal colony into one of the richest cities overnight. Naturally, the Warden Lords of Cadian gained their Septhood alongside their tremendous newfound wealth and influence.

What they don't teach you is that it was the prisoners who found that deposit. It was the prisoners who dug out the earth to get to it. And it was the prisoners who died in the massive explosion that led to its discovery. But the names of those that were sacrificed aren't celebrated by those that benefit most.

So, on this Liberation Day, it is time to send Sept Aldemont a clear message. It just so happens that a new statue of the Lord Warden is set to be unveiled as a part of the celebration. It also just so happens that the base of that statue is only one block from the last stop on the Number 5 Train.

You know what you have to do.

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