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Maximum Apocalypse RPG

Maximum Apocalypse RPG

Body Snatchers

Created By: Scott Uhls

Game Type: Community Spotlight

Start Time:
August 15th, 12:00PM ET
End Time:
August 15th, 3:00PM ET

You find yourself slowly gaining consciousness surrounded by darkness. It is detached at first, but as time passes, you become more and more connected to your body, your breathing, and the small aches of your muscles. The sounds around you are muffled at first but then become clearer and clearer until the sounds feel close rather than outside of a numbing mist. A moment later, your eyes flutter open and your retinas are flooded with a powerful light that quickly dims. You soon realize that your retinas adjusted as the world comes into focus.

Maximum Apocalypse the Roleplaying Game is a d100 Post-Apocalypse RPG based on the board game of the same name made by Scott Uhls and produced through Rock Manor Games. It's an interactive system of scavenging, survival, crafting, and combat in a world beset by ALL conceivable apocalypses (Aliens, Mutants, Killer Robots, Zombies, etc.). Do you have what it takes to survive the Maximum Apocalypse?

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