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Shadows Over Voidhaven

Shadows Over Voidhaven

Harbinger / Shadows Over Driftchapel

Created By: The Raven Rolls / Paul

Game Type: Community Spotlight

Start Time:
August 14th, 12:00PM ET
End Time:
August 14th, 3:30PM ET

"We took a direct hit from the skrug raidboat! The spectre is offline, and we are leaking Astra! We need to set the voidship down!"

On a remote orbit of the titan known as Bastion, there lies an asteroid sized moon. The locals call it home, but to others it is called Voidhaven. Voidhaven isn't a destination, but an unwelcome detour.

Its picturesque acidic rivers, winding through the harsh, overgrown landscape. Within the foliage, you can find all manner of beasts, from the savage krysliks, to the crawling blue vines, to the moldgolem, to the dread crocodile, and the vengeful gaunts.

Luckily, there is a safe haven, relatively speaking. Beneath the fever-ridden swamp, lies a (formerly) long-forgotten structure that the locals have repurposed as a make-shift town. It even has all the amenities that one could desire. Oh sure, it has a supply shop, a chemist, and labyrinthine corridors. But most importantly, it has a bar.

So, come stay a while and enjoy the many sights, sounds, and splendors of Voidhaven!

(Voidhaven, its mayor and citizens, are not responsible for any damage or loss to your person, or property.)

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