Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATCON?
ATCON is the official Absolute Tabletop Convention, an annual gathering of geeks held every summer in the Pacific Northwest. Organized by the guys at Absolute Tabletop, ATCON is three days of games and socializing in the heart of Tacoma, Washington. It isn't a typical gaming convention – it's an intimate gathering of current and future friends. We spend the weekend rolling dice, playing games, and hanging out in some hand-picked, casual venues, and taking in the beauty of historic Tacoma and the PNW outdoors.

When and where is ATCON?
ATCON 2019 is June 28, 29, and 30 in Tacoma, Washington.

How do I attend?
Buy tickets for you and any guests through the ATCON website. Tickets are $75 and include access to the venues and events all three days, as well as a name badge, lanyard, pin, and two meals! You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

Where do I get con swag?
Aside from the badge, lanyard, and pin included with your ticket, you also have the option of purchasing t-shirt and tote bag add-ons when you buy your ticket. We will also have a small offering of books and other Absolute Tabletop products available for purchase at the con.

Where are the venues?
We'll be meeting at three different venues: Dystopian State Taproom in Downtown (Friday), Mountaineers Program Center in Old Town (Saturday), and Fort Nisqually in Point Defiance Park (Sunday). Each venue is conveniently located in Tacoma, WA. We will have additional info about times, parking, and food options soon!

How do I sign up to run or play in games?
Once you've purchased your ticket, you can view and create games here.

Does ATCON have an anti-harassment policy?
Yes! Absolute Tabletop is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and accepting event for gamers from all walks of life. Please see our Anti-Harassment Policy for more info.

Is there an easy way to connect with other ATCON attendees?
The ATCON group on Facebook is a great place to connect with other attendees and coordinate lodging, rides, and more! You can find that group here.

Will I be able to hang out or play games with the guys from Absolute Tabletop?
For those interested, you will totally get to meet and chat with Barker, Matt, Tim, and James. While our main priority is managing the con, we will be participating in events and roaming around just like everyone else, so please don't hesitate to come up and say hey! And while there's no guarantee of gaming with one of us, we'll do our best to be present and available to all con-goers.

Can I play music and outdoor games at ATCON?
Absolutely! We know that many of our attendees are insanely talented singers and musicians, and that many people also want to listen to their own portable music through USB speakers and laptops. As ATCON grows, we want to be sure we provide spaces for you to express yourself freely! On Saturday, we invite you to do so in Performance Park at the Mountaineers – a beautiful, dedicated outdoor space. Sunday's Gaming in the Wild provides an entire park for music and games of all kinds – we'll keep an eye out for sing-a-longs like last year! In addition, physical games such as “Ninja” (perhaps a new ATCON tradition) are perfectly suited for these spacious areas on the premises.

Unless it's directly related to a game you're running as a Game Master, we ask that you please take advantage of these designated spaces. Finally, let's take the opportunity Friday to talk and make memories with our fellow attendees. For this reason we ask that no live or recorded music is played during the Geek and Greet.

Can I interact with wildlife during Gaming in the Wild?
The PNW is home to many amazing creatures. Unfortunately, due to state laws and stringent regulations outside of our control, under no circumstances should you interact with any creatures that may happen upon us in the wild. Please do not approach or attempt to touch or feed any animals you see – just admire from a distance! These rules are for their safety and for yours (as well as the safety of Absolute Tabletop as an organization). Continued cooperation in this matter ensures that we can use the park for the foreseeable future.